Thank you for being interested in handing over your device to good hands at the end of its lifecycle! Protecting the environment is our common goal, as we all want to live on a healthy planet and want the same for our grand-grandchildren, too.

We designed our products for very long service life and hope your device have proven this. If it still failed, please contact our customer service. It’s possible the nature of the failure is not physical and can be resolved in the software. If it is a brick, just send it back to us!

If it is still within the warranty period, and there are no signs of damages resulted from incorrect handling, we’ll fix it for you for free. If it is not covered by the warranty, we offer repairing it for a reasonable price. You can decide to accept this or just leave it at us.

If you leave your device on us (either because it is not economically repairable or you don’t need it anymore for any reason), we disassemble it and reuse still functioning parts and pass-on the rest for safe recycling. Reuse a component is much ecologically friendly than recycling the raw materials from it.


The best thing you can do with a product is using it as long as possible. If you then have to say it goodbye, the best thing you can do is handing it over to someone, who can reuse as much of it as possible. Recycling raw materials is the second best option then.

To honor your efforts you exerted to protect the environment, that you sent back our product to us, we offer you a choice from benefits listed below:

  • 15% discount from the end price on your next order
  • We plant a small tree in a suitable area and mention you amongst the supporters

* This program is indefinite in time, but subject to change.