The primary purpose of our products are automation, supervision and remote control and they can be divided to below categories.

Home automation

Our HAUS home automation product family is a best fit for our customers, who:

  • would like to access their equipments/devices over WiFi
  • don’t want to depend on a proprietary cloud service provider
  • values outstanding security standards
  • values special customer care, even with their unique requirements
  • would like to control their devices via the Internet, even from a smart phone, or on the contrary, looking for a system, available in-premises only for security considerations
  • looking for solutions working stand-alone, don’t want to build a complex “smart home” system for only 1-2 functions (however our products can be integrated with such systems as well)

We also offer on-site installation of our products within our region of operation, also open to develop solutions for your individual needs.

Industrial automation

We’ve designed industrial grade variants of some of our home automation products. Besides that we are willing to re-design our products for your specific needs or develop custom solutions for you.

For more information on custom solution development based on individual needs please visit our Services page.

Our recovery program

We provide the possibility for our customers to send back our products to us when those are permanently damaged or not planned to be used anymore, so we can recycle it in the best way from ecological perspective.